Staying at a Hostel in Colombia at a cheap price.


Hellooooo!! It’s Chino.

This is my first time writing in English and I am not very good at English but if you found any parts of the sentence you don’t understand please let me know.

I have been staying in Bogotá, Colombia since January 1st in 2024, that’s my 3rd time to visit Colombia.

At this time, I have been in a hostel of Chapinero which is cheaper than the hostel I am going to introduce here but it didn’t have a private bathroom and a kitchen to cook.

I wanted to stay here in Colombia for a long time so I was looking for a hostel on the condition that has a kitchen, a private bathroom and a laundry.

So I found another hostel with the condition located in Barrios Unidos. I have no idea if the hostel has its own name, though.

The hostel is in Barrios Unidos, Bogotá

These are the photos of the hostel.

In front of the kitchen
The hallway of the hostel

From the second floor of the building, the building is an apartment. The entrance is in the middle of the building on the first floor.

The building of the hostel

I found this hostel on Airbnb but you can stay here at this hostel at a cheaper price I will write about the price at the bottom of this article.

Probably this hostel seemed new, so the guests were always me and an American man who was traveling around world for years, he spoke to me often so I didn’t feel like alone.

the owner of the hostel is a Colombian man who doesn’t speak English but I had no problems as for staying.

This is the entrance of the hostel. There is a doorbell under the paper marked “ROOM”.

This is the entrance door for the hostel.
Push the doorbell when you arrive at the hostel.

I took the pictures on my last day here so the room and bed look messy but a clean lady comes to the hostel every Monday to clean your room and make your bed.


The bed was a little small for me because my height is 185 cm, however the price of the hostel was low so I could tolerate it.

TV and closet

The private bathroom

In Colombia, there are many electric showers, and electric showers are often cold, but that hostel has water-heater style showers, so they are warm. the shower is cold at first, but if you wait a little, it gets warmer.

Shower and Washbasin

The kitchen and The laundry space

The kitchen had a variety of utensils for cooking. I brought my own chopsticks because I am Japanese.

The kitchen

I tried cooking whenever I could to avoid spending lots of money.

The laundry space. The American traveller always puts his bicycle there.

The location

It’s 15 minutes walk from the hostel to Chapinero, also it’s 20 minutes walk to visit “Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes”, the area is famous for Gay area. Haha

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

The picture below is neighborhood in front of hostel, lots of prostitutes a block away.

In front of the hostel


I’m not into girls. haha

There was a store called “HYPER FISH MARKET” which has variety of Asian seasonings since I am from Japan I had no issues what I cook and also there is another store selling Asian seasonings close to the hostel.

I would often go to HYPER FISH MARKET but the store in the picture has also Asian seasonings.

The price

The period I stayed here was from January 15th to February 15th. The price was 299 USD for 30 days but if you wanted to stay here at a cheaper price, the cost will be 800,000 for a month , the price is 204.75 USD (as of 15/02/2024) under condition that you give the money directly to the owner.

I will tell you the owner’s Whatsapp or I can tell him instead if you wanted to stay in the hostel if you contact me through my vlog here contact or my x account(sugesugo2024).

If you are planing to stay in Bogotá for a long period, I would recommend you to stay here!